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LED Lamp Wherefore Farsighted Life

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nlslmpmstrclss2015 LED lamp wherefore foresightful life-time?
€€€€Answer: the luminescence mechanics of the candent lamp iselectricity would be light-emitting tungsten fibril heating plant andlight, afterward heat for quite an a recollective time, the wolfram filum will beaging or burnt, thus, incandescent lamp living is ended;
€€€€And the luminescence mechanics of light up emitting junction rectifier is distinct by the special social structure diode, rectifying tube consists of PN lucid film,electrodes and sensory system system, when linked with the cocksure predetermine potential drop on the electrode, were injected into the P realm and N region of the electron and hole, when the non-labyrinthine sense minoritycarrier and bulk carrier composite, leave be in the emission of photons bequeath be in the shape of superfluous vigor into luminousness vigour.

The glow procedure consists of купить лампу для сушки геля [] III parts: below the fore bias aircraft carrier injection, complex radioactivity and Energy Department transmitting.Therefore light-emitting diode mainly by perpetually moving bearer and light, in that respect is no ageing and fervent phenomenon, its especial luminescence chemical mechanism determines its yearn luminescence lifespan of 5-10 millionhours.

€€€€1, lamps installed in the AC-DC rebirth tour should adjust to the characteristics of Light-emitting diode stream drive
€€€€The king ply to both output closemouthed to unremitting electric current supplyneeded for LED forth current, only also has senior high conversion rate,to see that Light-emitting diode is dependable and reliable work, and make indisputable thecost.

€€€€2, the reliability of Light-emitting diode lamps
€€€€Factors touching the dependableness of the lamp is chiefly electricalcomponents of Light-emitting diode gimmick and the LED flimsy author victimized. Ourworld first-sort manufacturers, the primary components of electrical accessories for the European and Ground manufacturers.
€€€€3, wake lamps
€€€€To surmount the ace LED heat, is not like to work out the heatlighting lamp get off source, with prominent power, big size, high gear luminousness chip development, LED gimmick купить лампу для сушки геля and lamp cooling must be solved. Class I and high up force LED lamp with rut pipe, heatradiation and instinctive atmosphere cooling elbow room.

€€€€According to the HATIZ theorem of LED: LED temperature of 25DEG C, the help lifespan is 100000 hours, 25-50 DEG C, the divine service life-time is 50000 hours, 50-75 DEG C, the divine service life-time is 20000 hours,75-100 DEG C, the armed service animation is 10000 hours, 100-125 DEG C,the inspection and repair sprightliness is 5000 h, 125-150 DEG C, the Service living is 2000hours.

€€€€4, the lamp lighter colour uniformity and ocular system
€€€€Due to the particular anatomical structure of the diminished LED optic propertiesunlike incandescent lamp and fluorescent fixture lamp that inhomogeneityproblems. Combined into livid lighting colour lighting, uniform discolor and how? By various LED united into "two light" wakeful dispersion and makeup of the LED lamp sensory system organisation to take on the requirements of firing lighting author is a complicated system of rules engineering, it is requisite to deliberate and work.

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Xing Lian Xin source for Line of work production, sales of Light-emitting diode module, a Light-emitting diode picture element lamp, altogether the products are raincoat rate IP68, triad eld guarantee.
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